You rock...
And we roll audio!

Teton Studios is an
audio recording studio and record label located in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Recording Studio:
The Right People, Tech,
Tools & Equipment
Teton Studios is outfitted with industry leading recording software, microphones, instruments, and other recording equipment. Professional grade quality matters when it comes to recording, and we did not skimp on anything when building our studio.
Friendly Audio Engineers
Recording can be a nerve racking experience until you get the hang of it. Our team and environment will make you feel at ease.
The right software technology is expensive. Knowing how to use it is priceless. Our team has put in the time and effort to stay up-to-date with the latest software technology to make you sound amazing.
Tools & Equipment
The right microphone for your specific voice tone matters... more than you might think. The right cables, headphones, amplifiers, etc., can make or break a recording session. We've invested in the right gear so that you don't have to.
Recording Quality Instrument Rentals
Ever wonder why some guitars cost thousands of dollars? Do they really sound better than a $500 guitar? The answer is a resounding YES! Practice on your guitars or piano, and record on ours. It's that simple.
Recent Reviews
"TS came through in a pinch! Thanks Team! - Total Twenties"We loved recording at Teton Studios! They were very helpful and had a fast turnaround time." - Stevenson Family"We enjoyed the atmosphere. Very comfortable" - The Parker Quartet
Convenient Location
While we have an Idaho Falls address, we are located in a quiet country setting in Bonneville County near Ririe, Idaho. We are a twenty minute drive from Rexburg, and a fifteen minute drive from either Idaho Falls or Rigby.
Record Label:
We occasionally put together Christmas albums and other Gospel related albums for which we audition performers and various artists. If interested, we encourage you to submit an individual audition by sending us a YouTube audition video
Talented Individuals
Teton Studios also auditions individual performers to organize into bands. We encourage you to submit an individual audition by sending us a YouTube audition video
If you have a current band looking to become discovered, we encourage you to send a link to a YouTube audition video
We audition, sign & promote under
our Teton Studios Record Label
Full-service Record Label
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